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Services provided by Kimiazer Company

Import of grains

Import of grains and livestock inputs, which are among the basic goods of every country, we are at the service of all our dear colleagues in the shortest time in Rials and Dollars

Direct Distribution

This complex, with its experienced and strong forces in the direct supply of goods from ports and factories, with a certain order in providing services to loved ones

Daily price announcement

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Production of livestock and poultry feed

Precious poultry farmers and ranchers can receive the livestock and poultry feed products covered by this collection directly and at the best price according to the desired diet

Sale of livestock and poultry feed waste

Livestock and poultry feed waste, including: broken wheat or poultry seeds, broken corn, cornmeal, livestock pulp, meal, gluten and corn husk can be widely obtained from this collection

Customs clearance of goods

All importers can transfer their goods to Kimia Tejarat Zar clearance team in the shortest possible time and the most economical daily price of each product for clearance so that the desired goods can be released from customs as soon as possible.

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